1. All crew shall wear serviceable lifejackets

2. No raft shall be less than four feet wide in the water

3. No raft shall carry a crew of fewer than two

4. All protruding or sharp edges shall be covered

5. All rafts, with their full complement of crew wearing lifejackets, shall be on the start line one hour prior to the scheduled start

6. The composition of crews, i.e. all-male, all-female or mixed ,must conform to that stated on the entry form

7. Each raft shall display, facing forward, a board at least two feet square bearing its race number in a contrasting colour. The crew member at the front of the raft shall also wear a numbered tabard, which will be supplied.

8. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any entries not complying with the above rules

9. Rafts which have not completed the course within two hours may be towed in

10. No boat or part thereof shall be used in the construction of the raft and no raft shall be powered by motor or sail

11. The minimum age for crew shall be 15 (under-18s’ parents must countersign the entry form)

12. No oars or double-ended paddles shall be used

13. After entering Minehead Bay rafts must pass to the landward side of Metropole Post, opposite the Hobby Horse Inn, unless otherwise instructed at the start

14. The finishing line will be deemed to be the two posts at the entrance to the harbour